Flex Funding for Families

The Flex Fund Program provides money to purchase, non-traditional, or community services that may not be available due to cost or other factors. These funds are accessed on a last-resort status when all other resources have been exhausted. Guidelines have been established by CASSP to assure funds are used correctly.

The Flex Funding Program directly meets the needs of families who find themselves facing unpredicted financial hardship. Without these funds, many children/adolescents, and their families, would go without basic necessities, nor would they be able to access recommended and needed programming within the established guidelines. The Flex Committee is able to adapt to the changing needs of families.

The Flex Funding Program addresses the needs for services and consumables that are not being met by existing programs. The Flex Committee is able to reduce gaps in services to families by sharing resources and increasing support systems to deal with hardship situations. The funding means families no longer have to choose between basic necessities and services.

Delta Dental Van

The Delta Dental Van Program provides dental care to children -21 year of age who meet the following requirements:

  • Do not have a current dental home
  • Have not seeing a dentist in 2 years or more in the Aberdeen Area

The objective of the Dental Van is to reach under-service children in the Aberdeen area who have the highest need for dental care and the least amount of resources. It provides preventive, diagnostic, and restorative services.

No child is turned away for inability to pay. However, if their family or guardian have any type of dental insurance, it will be billed by the Delta Dental Mobile Program.