Adult Education/Literacy

Whether a person needs to brush up on their academic skills to obtain a GED or for college or employment; wants to refresh their memory of a particular subject in order to help their children with their homework and studies, or wants to learn more about that course they didn’t do so well in when they attended school Cornerstones Career Learning Center’s Adult Education program is for them. Cornerstones offers no-cost Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education courses, and assessment to help them succeed.

Our English Language Acquisition classes focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that people need in their everyday lives. There are also classes to prepare participants for post-secondary education and training. Our students come from many parts of the world and speak a variety of first languages. Whether they are immigrants, migrants, refugees, or asylees, the study of English is an important part of improving their everyday lives, expanding their employment opportunities, engaging in their local communities, and achieving their dreams in their new home, the Mount Rushmore State.